Emergency Preparedness

Just as public health was there when you needed immunizations for your children, North Carolina’s state and local public health agencies are working for you today to prepare for emergencies including infectious disease outbreaks and other public health threats and emergencies.

Public health preparedness means putting in place programs to respond quickly and effectively to threats endangering the health of the public.

Responding to a Public Health Emergency

The Cabarrus Health Alliance works in collaboration with the county’s Emergency Government Department, the Hazardous Material Team, and many other community partners to build local infrastructure to deal with public health emergencies such as an Influenza (H1N1) pandemic, flood, tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes.

An emergency plan is in place and continues to be updated as needed. In Cabarrus County, collaboration with other community partners is essential in responding to any emergency. Cooperation, planning, and exercising for these events enables us to be prepared for any public health emergency.

Cities Readiness Initiative

Cabarrus Health Alliance is part of the Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) group of 11 North Carolina counties including, representation from South Carolina, that work together on public health preparedness. The CRI is a federally funded program designed to enhance preparedness in the nation’s largest cities and metropolitan statistical areas.

Additional Information

For more information about public health preparedness or what you can do to prepare your family or organization, please see the following resources below: