Early Childhood Care Management

Services are available at no cost to families of children birth to age 5 with social, medical, and/or developmental needs. A Care Manager will work closely with your family to provide support, education, and referrals to promote healthy outcomes for your child. 

As your Care Manager, our goal is to ensure that children are raised in healthy, safe environments to reach their highest potential. 

Our team will:

  1. Recognize you as the expert on your child
  2. Work with your child’s health care provider 
  3. Get answers to your questions
  4. Connect you to community resources 
  5. Provide education to help build lasting parenting skills 
  6. Work towards patient centered goals, developed by parents and caregivers

As child is eligible if: 

  1. Age is birth to five years old 
  2. Has a special healthcare need
  3. Has experience in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 
  4. Foster Care
  5. Needs assistance with food, transportation, housing, among other resources
  6. Has challenging levels of stress 
  7. Referred by your primary care physician 

How do I participate?

Children are referred to Care Management services by their primary care provider, community organization, or you can refer yourself! 

Our Social Workers and Nurses will provide care through home visits, phone calls, at your child’s doctor visits, or video calls. 

Referral Form

To make a referral, complete the CMARC Referral Form (PDF) and fax to 704-934-4210, attention CMARC staff.

Program also referred to as Care Management for At-Risk Children (CMARC) through the Division of Health Benefits