Journey to a Healthier Me

Journey 8

Participants in Journey to a Healthier Me will receive a copy of the Prevent T2 participant guide, which outlines each of the session topics and includes real-life examples and useful tips for preventing Type 2 diabetes. With a focus on food choices, physical activity, stress management, and problem solving common obstacles to healthy living, the program has been developed with the goal of creating positive lifestyle changes. All other materials, including food, physical activity, and weight loss logs will be distributed on a regular basis to ensure continued success.

In addition to the guide, participants have the opportunity to earn various rewards, including Calorie King books, portion control plates, fitness trackers, resistance bands, digital food & bathroom scales, t-shirts, DVDs, magazine subscriptions, and gym memberships. Additionally, gift cards for grocery store and gas purchases will be provided. Throughout the course of the program, participants will have the support of their group along with their Lifestyle Coach.

26 Lesson Series

Lessons are 60 minutes and include interactive activities that promote the principles of getting physically active and healthy eating. A focus on safe and sustainable weight loss is emphasized throughout the program. Helpful tips on tracking exercise and eating habits are provided, as well as strategies to managing stress, maintaining a budget while eating well, and staying motivated to ensure continued success beyond the program.

Months 1 – 4: group meets weekly

Months 5 – 6: group meets bi-weekly

Months 7 -12: group meets monthly