COVID-19 Cabarrus County Press Releases

9/28/2021    CHA makes Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Shot Appointments Available to 65 and Older, High Risk Individuals

8/26/2021   Public Health Advisory: Face Coverings and Masks

3/29/2021   W.M. Irvin Elementary School transitions to Plan C due to COVID-19 Cases

3/4/2021     Local partnership brings vaccinations to homebound Cabarrus Residents

1/12/2021   CHA Adopts Changes to COVID Case Investigation Prioritization

1/11/2021   Cabarrus Health Alliance announces additional COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

1/04/2021    COVID Volunteer Recruitment

12/30/2020   CHA announces COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Dates

12/28/2020   CHA begins Phase 1a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

12/11/2020    Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Duration 

10/9/2020      COVID-19 and the importance of the flu vaccine

9/30/2020      Know Your Risk: COVID-19 risk levels for fall activities

9/18/2020      Cabarrus Health Alliance investigates COVID-19 cases linked to Old Armor Beer Company 

6/15/2020      Cabarrus sees  triple-digit COVID-19 Increase in one week
Cabarrus experimenta un aumento de tres dígitos en COVID-19 en una semana

5/28/2020      Cabarrus Health Alliance offers on-site drive-through COVID-19 Testing

4/27/2020      Cabarrus Health Alliance provides update on COVID-19 in local facilities
La Alianza de Salud de Cabarrus nos da una actualización sobre el COVID-19 en establecimientos locales

4/20/2020      Update on COVID-19 cases at Five Oaks Rehabilitation
 Nos da una actualización sobre los casos de COVID-19 en el Five Oaks Rehabilitation

4/17/2020      COVID-19 spreads at separate small gatherings
COVID-19 se propaga en varias celebraciones pequeñas

4/12/2020      Cabarrus Health Alliance provides COVID-19 update – April 12
La Alianza de Salud de Cabarrus proporciona actualización sobre el COVID-19 - 12 de abril

4/11/2020      Cabarrus Health Alliance reports largest one-day jump in COVID-19 cases
La Alianza de Salud de Cabarrus informa el mayor aumento de casos de COVID-19 de un día para otro

4/10/2020      Cabarrus Health Alliance asks public for continued vigilance
 La Alianza de Salud de Cabarrus pide al público que continúen siendo cautelosos

4/9/2020        Cabarrus Health Alliance investigates COVID-19 case at Five Oaks Rehabilitation
La Alianza de Salud de Cabarrus investiga un caso deCOVID-19 en el Five Oaks Rehabilitation

4/7/2020        Cabarrus officials warn residents of playground risks, encourage safe play
Los funcionarios de Cabarrus advierten a los residentes sobre los riesgos de los parques de niños

4/6/2020        Cabarrus Health Alliance suggests individuals follow CDC cloth face mask recommendations
CHA sugiere que las personas sigan las recomendaciones de los CDC de usar tapabocas de 

4/5/2020        Cabarrus Health Alliance investigates multiple COVID-19 cases at three Cabarrus facilities
La Alianza de Salud de Cabarrus  investiga múltiples casos de COVID-19 en tres establecimientos de Cabarrus

3/25/2020      Cabarrus, municipalities announce Stay at Home Proclamation
Proclamación de Quedarse en Casa del Condado de Cabarrus 

3/16/2020      First Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Cabarrus
El estado confirma el primer caso positivo de COVID-19

3/13/2020     Cabarrus County Leaders Meet
Los Líderes de Cabarrus se Reúnen

3/12/2020     First Presumptive Case in Cabarrus County
Caso de Presunto Coroavirus (COVID-19)  

3/5/2020      COVID19 Cabarrus County