My breasts feel too full. Do I have too much milk?
When your baby is 2 to 5 days old, your milk will become watery and bluish-white in color, like skim milk, and taste very sweet. Your breasts will also feel fuller and heavier. Your body is making an abundance of milk because it doesn't know if you have five babies to feed or just one. When this happens, it is very important to nurse your baby frequently to keep your breasts from becoming too full or engorged. By the second week your breasts should not feel this way because they have adjusted to what baby is drinking and will continue to make milk as he is removing it.

If your breasts become too full, take a warm shower or place a warm, wet towel over your breasts and nipples for a few minutes before each feeding. Gently massage your breasts toward your nipples. Hand express or gently pump your breasts to get the milk flowing. The idea is to soften your breasts so your baby can latch on.

Ice packs can be used between feeds to keep the swelling down.

See engorgement and plugged ducts for more information.View Hand Expression

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