Cabarrus County COVID-19 Data


Cabarrus County COVID Scorecard

COVID-like syndromic cases over 14 days
Regional syndromic data is no longer available, as flu season has ended.  State-level data can be found here.
Lab-confirmed cases over 14 days
Click here for cases dashboard (below)
Click here for testing dashboard (below)  While we continue to expand testing for Cabarrus County residents, testing capacity is still limited and more testing is needed to gain an accurate, real-time picture of the spread of the virus.
Positive tests as a percentage of total tests over 14 days
Click here for testing dashboard (below)
Hospitalizations over 14 days
CHA is tracking two different sets of data for hospitalizations: the number of Cabarrus County residents hospitalized due to COVID-19 (see Cases dashboard below) and the number of people (including non-county residents) hospitalized in Cabarrus County due to COVID-19 (see Hospitalized in Cabarrus County dashboard below).  This number is rising and will impact residents’ ability to access hospital services.    
Workforce to conduct contact tracing
CHA continues to hire and train contact tracers, but the recent increase in COVID-19 cases is making it difficult for us to adequately conduct contact tracing.  

Availability of Personal Protective Equipment
N-95 masks are the highest level and preferred PPE needed for first responders and medical staff. This PPE continues to be in high demand and limited supply nationwide.


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Ongoing Outbreaks in Congregate Living Settings in North Carolina

For information on ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks in congregate living settings in North Carolina please visit the State Report by clicking here.  The data on this report will be updated every Tuesday and Friday by 4 p.m. It is not real time data.

The data below reflects laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Cabarrus County residents.  Due to limited testing, there are likely to be many cases in Cabarrus County that are not represented here.  We have community spread of the virus in Cabarrus County.  Therefore, it is critical that all residents follow the North Carolina Executive Orders.

Please note: the data below is updated every two hours between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. eastern time.  The case data is based on the date of the positive lab tests.  The case data for the most recent five days is not displayed because of the time it takes for lab tests to be reported.  At this time some results take up to ten days to be reported, so the numbers for the most recent dates on the graph below will change.  For additional information about the data, click the information button in any of the dashboards below.  

For the most up to date state statistics, visit