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Ongoing Outbreaks in Congregate Living Settings in North Carolina

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Cabarrus County, North Carolina COVID Death Report with Combined Age Groups 

November 5, 2020

Age Group
Count of Cabarrus County Confirmed COVID Case Deaths
95 Deaths (1.8% of confirmed Cabarrus County cases)
Cabarrus County Populations (2019) (1)Cabarrus County COVID Case Fatality (3)Mortality Rate per 10,000 population (2) (4)
20-641516%124,1700.39%1 per 10,000
65+8084%30,51911.46%26 per 10,000

Updated: November 5, 2020 @ 11:00am
Will be updated/published on the CHA COVID Webpage the first Thursday of each month.
(1) Population source:
(2) Mortality source:
(3) Cabarrus County Case Fatality: COVID Deaths in Cabarrus County divided by the Total COVID cases in Cabarrus County by age group
(4) Mortality Population Definition: COVID Deaths in Cabarrus County divided by Total population of Cabarrus County × 10,000
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