What to bring to your WIC appointment.

(1 from each category)

____ eWIC card (if applicable)

____Identification for self & for each Child: 

        Originals - no copies
       ·  Driver’s License (current)
       ·   Birth Certificate
       ·  Verification of Facts (VF) (only for infants)
       ·  Social Security Card
       ·  Current Work ID
       ·  Shot Record (only for infants & children)
       ·  Medicaid Card (current eligibility)

____Proof of Where You Live:
        Does not have to be in your name
        No Post Office Box

        Recent (less than 60 days old) Water, Electric, Cable, Gas or Telephone Bill
       ·  Current Rental or Mortgage Agreement
       ·  Medicaid Card with street address   (current eligibility and correct address)

____Proof of Income:
       ·  Medicaid Card (current eligibility)
       ·  Letter of Food Stamp Eligibility
       ·  Current paycheck stubs for everyone in household (one month’s worth)
       ·  Written proof of all money that comes into house (SS, SSI, disability, child support, unemployment, etc)

____Form Completed by Your Doctor (if applicable)

____Formula Prescription (if applicable)