Beginner Level Cooking Classes

These class will provide an introduction to basic nutrition using the healthy eating plate. Participants will learn skills to help them prepare and eat more fruits and vegetables as well as reduce the sugar and salt in their diets.  The focus will be recipes that take less than 30 minutes and cost less than $10.

Classes are $10 a person. Payment must be received at least two days prior to class to confirm registration. Refunds will not be given unless notified two days in advance.  

Register and pay online for a cooking class.

Beginner Cooking Class Topics

Month Description Date/Time
February Participants will learn how to make heart healthy recipes, lower in sodium and higher in potassium such as turkey chili.  Feb. 28
March Participants will learn how prepare meals using in-season produce such as Asparagus and other greens. Using in-season produce is cheaper and packed with more nutrition.  March 14
April Participants will learn how to make a healthier version of traditional grilled American burgers and fries. April 25
May Participants will learn how to make healthier versions of traditional southern BBQ favorites. May 30
June Participants will learn how to re-create traditional southern picnic favorites.   TBD
July Participants will learn to pull together patriotic 4th of July dishes. TBD