Cooking Matters

For a limited time Cabarrus Health Alliance staff will be conducting grocery store tours locally. Cooking Matters at the Store has provided a 12 month grant to Cabarrus Health Alliance. These tours can help you save money, buy healthier foods and also give you tasty and healthy recipes. Follow the link below for tours given by a WIC Nutritionist.You may also find more grocery store tour information in our Upcoming Events section on our website.

Kannapolis Food Lion Schedule

The WIC office is also providing simulated tours at the Cabarrus Health Alliance. These simulated tours use sample food items to teach a mini version of the grocery store tour. If you aren't due to see a Nutritionist, this may be the perfect way to complete your next WIC visit. Follow the link below to learn more about the simulated tour schedule. If you have questions, please call the WIC office at 704-920-1204.

Simulated Tour Schedule at Cabarrus Health Alliance WIC Program